Imagine’s simplicity and power fits well with an “evolutive” approach to creating draft storyboards.

It is a simple web-based storyboard composer we developed to better organize and visualize the Football Drama (our game on football) dialogs. It is simple and lets you create in few seconds the draft of your story dialogs and more. You can add assets such as characters, objects, landscape elements and so on, you can add backgrounds and you can add text boxes.

Create your storyboards

Each storyboard is a booklet of annotated panels. With Imagine you have no limits on creating Storyboards. You can decide the aspect-ratio, add a description and set a password for the public view. Feel free to Draw your stories!

Create panels from assets and sketches

Panels can serve diverse purposes: comics, dialogues, notes, camera movements… All can be marked down quickly with Imagine.

Use all your assets - just drag them in

Drag your images from your desktop or choose them from your tablet image library, and ta-da! All available for your boards.

You can also draw sketches in the browser!

To make it really quick and practical, you can add sketches on the fly by just drawing in the browser.

Quickly change your storyboards by dragging and adding in place

You can easily change your panel order and insert new ones in place.

Make it public!

Every storyboard generates a public URL where all the panels are displayed with their description and their graphic annotations. If you want to restrict who can view your storyboard - just set a password!

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