Open Lab — An Independent Game Development and Design Agency

Commercial games

Open Lab creates, designs, develops and releases commercial games on multiple platforms in multiple languages. Specialized in sport storytelling, we released Football Drama in 2019 and will release Roller Drama in 2022.

Custom games

In Open Lab we have been creating applied games since 2012. Our specialty is in making complex information accessible using games, progression and inclusiveness.


We have 25 years of experience in creating or evolving a company’s identity. We design and develop dynamic web sites, paper materials and everything that may  need branding, from packaging design to e-commerce support.


Using games for educational and transformative purposes requires continuous experimentation. Open Lab is a small company but covers a wide spectrum of skills, so we can deploy experimental applications that can merge say VR with generative narrative, or social problems and videogames.


We as professionals cover a wide range of design, development and communication skills. We provide game design and development analysis as consultants, can develop reports, mockups and presentation material. We regularly teach game design , writing and development in universities and corporations.


i4T for Pleiade

PLEIADE is an Erasmus Plus KA201 project addressing the inclusion of children with cultural, linguistic and socio-economic disadvantages in our schools. Open Lab, as partner of the Pleiade project, is developing a Digital / Hybrid game to help teachers on designing inclusion-aware collaborative learning activities for their students. The game is based on the 4T […]

Who we work with