Comites Parigi. The renewed essence.

We have recently completed the development of the new visual identity for the Committee of Italians Abroad (Comites) in Paris. This project was conceived with the aim of reflecting the renewed spirit of the organization, presenting itself in a more contemporary form and becoming closer to Italian citizens residing in France. The transformation goes beyond […]

Summoning Rebels With Historical Video Games

In Summoning Rebels With Historical Video Games, Pietro Polsinelli delves into the intricate world of historical game design, challenging conventional narratives. Exploring the complexities of history, he questions the widely accepted portrayals of power and religion. Inspired by the heretical movements of medieval Italy, Open Lab’s forthcoming game, “Becoming Saint,” invites players to navigate between […]

Homer for narrative design

We are delighted to announce that Homer is now live: — a web-based solution for designing and writing interactive narrative content. It is a web-based spin-off of @Demigiant Outspoken, special thanks to Daniele for letting us create this (limited feature) spin-off. Support all his amazing projects! Homer enables both page and flow-based editing, […]