Custom games

Making complex information accessible using games, progression and inclusiveness.

StartUp Legend

“StartUp Legend”. An Edu Game made for the Bocconi University Students.

Surfing IP

The amazing story of the windsurf invention

Divide et Impera

The player is confronted with the actual mechanisms used to manipulate people in social media.

Pacific Review

A narrative game for class usage for a course on financial acquisitions in Università Bocconi.


LaSo! is a game for didactic training on the characteristics of Coop brand products.


A paper+digital board game that provides guidance to educators in the conceptualisation of collaborative, inclusivion-oriented learning activities for their students.

We Make Postcards

An online service that transforms any image on the website into a real paper postcard.

Opera Kidz

Opera Kidz is a tablet application for kids.


An interactive web-application IP Game named “Try it again, Karl!”

Match Explorer

Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

Melt a Plot

Melt-a-Plot is collaborative writing web application developed for Tempesta movie producer and RAI.

With My Eyes

Record your experiences in the Museum with photos and moods. Share it or keep it.

Off Shore Safety

Safety first in the offshore platform game. Can you manage production maintaining a high safety level?


Set your mood, chose your pet and post it to Facebook!

Once Upon a Tile

An innovative mobile game for educating on sustainable development.

Io credo che lassù

Io Credo Che Lassù is a collaborative writing web application developed for Tempesta movie producer and RAI Fiction.


The first media tool against graffiti which promotes the graffiti as well, yet in a digital dimension. Autography transforms acts of vandalism into digital testimony and keepsake.


A multiplayer conversational game experience about cities and desires.

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  • Game concept
  • Game & level design
  • Design services (asset creation)
  • Full game design & creative direction
  • Narrative design
  • Game writing
  • Production
  • Multi-platform publication
  • Porting (Desktop, Mobile, Switch)

Create a game with us

We can support you on all the game creation phases: brainstorming the idea, mapping your knowledge and needs to game mechanics, creating a concept, developing a prototype, creating a complete game, promoting and supporting game play, publishing on stores, integrating playing and public events.