Matteo Bicocchi

Web designer, developer, creative coder, painter

My nickname is Pupunzi.

My name is Matteo Bicocchi.

I’m a Graphic designer and a creative code developer.

I am a Co-founder of Open Lab where I work as Art Director.
I love experimenting with interfaces and graphics.
for many years I’ve been a javascript/jQuery evangelist and I produced many components and plugin available on my GitHub public repository.
I love creativity and I believe that knowledge is nothing without imagination.

My graphic design experience started in 1986 at Hopeful Monster ed., a small publishing company founded by my parents. I worked there as graphic designer, making contemporary art catalogs and epistemology/science of philosophy books (when books were made by hand). In 1994 I founded Prospero’s Books, a publishing services company that handled everything from editing to layout to printing.

Since 2001 I have been working in Open Lab both as a developer a creative designer.

My web developer experience started in 1998, when the web was blooming. Since then I have realised hundred of website and web based applications for any kind of companies In Italy and abroad.

Now I’m spending most of my time on product development for Games and web media. I developed and I’m working on Homer, a free web based Story Flow Editor for designing and writing interactive narrative content we, in Open Lab, are using for our and our clients game development.

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