Comites Parigi. The renewed essence.

We have recently completed the development of the new visual identity for the Committee of Italians Abroad (Comites) in Paris. This project was conceived with the aim of reflecting the renewed spirit of the organization, presenting itself in a more contemporary form and becoming closer to Italian citizens residing in France.

The transformation goes beyond just the aesthetic aspect; it also aims to simplify access to information and services offered by the organization. The new visual identity has been designed with the need to communicate more effectively with the Italian community in mind, offering a clear and engaging visual experience.

The choice of a more contemporary design was guided by the desire to place Comites Paris in a more current context, in line with the expectations and tastes of the target audience. This restyling not only emphasizes the evolution of the organization but also serves to strengthen the connection with Italian citizens residing in France, promoting a sense of belonging and involvement.

Furthermore, the simplification of information and services was a priority in the renewal process. The new visual identity not only makes the resources offered by Comites Paris more accessible but also contributes to improving the overall user experience by making navigation more intuitive and efficient.

In summary, the new visual identity of Comites Paris represents a significant step towards greater modernization and adaptation to the needs of the Italian community in France, promoting clear communication and facilitating access to the services provided by the organization.

The new website is available here.